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101st Airborne 3rd Bct MOS;

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 82nd Airborne

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Thank You to all of those who are fighting to keep us Safe and Free here in the USA

     This was sent to our email:

     I wrote this song to thank Our Service Men and Women
     Serving around the world and would be honored if you
     choose to post it on your Patriotic Site.
     I thank you and God Bless!


 Beholding Beyond Words

Beholding Beyond Words To Our Servicemen And Women
Stationed Around The World In Far Away Places
Thereıs Not Much We Can Say To Thank Them Enough
For What They Go Thru Each Day In The Rough

  But: Give Them Our Thanks
  Give Them Our Love
  Give Them Our Regards
  For a Safe Return

We Praise and Raise Our Hands To You
That Earned the Honor That We Now Bestow
We Salute You For A Job Bravely Done
And Applaud Your Courage In The Face Of The Unknown

  Defending Freedom
  Defending Liberty
  Defending Peace 
  At Home And Abroad

For The Past, Present, And Future Generations
Duty Will Always Be An Honorable Citation
To Stand The Ground That Freedom Upholds
To Endure Engagements Where Ever They Unfold

   Defending Freedom
   Defending Liberty
   Defending Peace
   At Home And Abroad
For Those MIAıS, POWıS,
Fallen Soldiers, Who Gave All They Could
We Will Search For As Long As It Takes
You Are Not Forgotten And Will Always Be

    In Our Hearts
    In Our Prayers
    In Our Minds
    For All Time

These Immortalized Soldiers Whose Bravery Abounds
They Are Sisters, Brothers Heroes Profound
They Enlisted For The Duty At Hand

To Serve The Cause Of Country And Land

     They Serve With Honor
     They Serve With Valor
     They Serve With A Pride
     That Will Change Them Forever

To Our Forces Standing Tall And Proud They Be
Our Countryıs Behind Them In A Solemn Sea
So Let The Flags Of Freedom Fly
Unfurled In Their Majesty High

    In The Sun
    In The Rain
    In The Wind
    Across This Land

These Are The Things Our Countryıs Made of
These Are The Things We Cherish And Love
So Let The Flags Of Freedom Fly
Unfurled In Their Majesty High

     In The Sun
     In The Rain
     In The Winds
     For All Time

Jerry Calow  ( Copyright 2003 )

A Proud Michiganian!         


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